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Nanu Pics Part 1 – What do all these buttons do…?

Welcome to a new venture for Nanu Nanu – a small blog about starting up with how the hell to get your head around the basics photography. This series will follow our own attempts to get to grips with cameras, and how to use them properly, as and when we learn them. This will by no means be an extensive account of what you need to know but try to break down the complexity into laymen”s terms, and we will post links to places that offer more details when we have them available.


So you”ve just got a camera – what the hell do you do now?

So many buttons, so little time to press them all (and so many fears that what you will press will ruin everything) – but worry not, we are hear to help. Here are a few things to do before you get started!

Step 1) Look through the instructions – I know it”s boring to say it, but it will tell you most of what you need to know about what the camera does. What struck me as a first looked through the guide, was the amount of settings one could go through without even touching individual buttons, just from the main knob – so let”s take a look at what they do and how to use them.


Most cameras have a dial that you turn to different modes, with little pictures next to them which change the way the camera takes photos. Within these different types of modes there aretwo major distinctions between them – some are creative and some are basic preset modes. The first bunch, the so called “creative” appear on the dial as letters – could be things like M (Manual), Av (Aperture Priority AE), TV (Shutter Priority AE) and P (Program AE). Don”t worry, we are going to go through these modes one by one, and not use the technical jargon. The “basic” set of modes are more obvious and are set up according to specific needs. These may differ a lot depending on the camera model, but are more self explanatory.

Basic Set

The basic set are your off the peg options that you can just click your camera into the right gear and get shooting. Here we go through some of the modes and what they can be used for:

A – Scene Intelligent Auto – a “fully automatic shooting mode with auto scene detection” where many of the features of the camera are set automatically according to the scene you are in. Auto-flash, Brightness, Flash, Color tone are set according to where you are. This mode is ideal for when you don”t know what you want, and is great for learning the very basics of how to shoot, composition and so on.

Flash Off – flash is disabled. If you have a flash that pops out, this will prevent that from popping out, and even if not, will make sure that the flash is not on for any shot you make. This is ideal for when you are in museums, galleries and other places where flash photography is prohibited. Importantly, without a flash you will have to rely on natural light, and this has a massive effect on how your images will look. Without meaning to go into details, the camera itself warns me when I”m in this mode that my images may become shaky – this is because in low light areas it will take longer for enough light to get into my camera so I can see anything, so even the slightest nudge when I”m taking a photo will make the image change slightly.

CA – Creative Auto – Auto mode for easy setting of Image Brightness background blurring, flash, and everything else. This mode seems ideal for when you want to start messing around with the little buttons and features without going to far wrong.

Portrait – This is the mode you would use when the subject of your image is a person. This setting blurs the background, so that subjects stands out, and smooths skin textures and hair – making your image more flattering to people (I assume)

Landscape – this has a wide depth of field meaning that a lot more of the image is kept in focus (not just the background or foreground)

Close-Up – for capturing things incredibly close to the lens, typically flowers, insects that sort of thing. This sort of thing is ideal with “Macro” lenses, and will give really high quality images to things that are small and super close to your lens.

Sports – For shooting subjects in motion – the important thing for this is that includes a continuous shooting mode that keeps the subject in focus

Night Portrait – For taking portrait shots when the background is dark and full of illuminations (stars, lights at a fair, that kind of thing). When this is being used, as is similar to the non-flash mode) it may cause blurry images, so recommends the use of a tripod – or a very sturdy hand!

Handheld Night Scene – a shooting mode for at night which doesn”t require a tripod. This uses four separate shots taken almost at once to create a single stable image. This is very useful for taking simple images when you don”t have the use of a tripod (and frankly at our level – who does!).

HDR Backlight Control – combines three shots at three different exposures to improve the high light and show detail. Again, this will only work if you have a tripod, but what it does is when you take a photograph which has some light elements and some dark elements, it will take image on three different settings and amalgamate them into one image, so that things that are in shae are not simply blacked out or too dark to see, where as parts of the photo that are very bright aren”t over saturated in white light.


Creative Set

The creative set I would describe as more useful when you want to tweak and play around with the more complicated things available to you.

#EdFringe Survival Guide

It’s the most wonderful, tiring and rainy time of the year! To have maximum fun at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, follow these simple steps. Guaranteed to ward off Fringe Fatigue and Fringe Flu.

Have a wee

Before going in to see a show, a well timed wee is essential. Fringe venues aren’t made for inconspicuous exits and if you do slip out, you immediately become susceptible to audience interaction.

Freeze some dinners

It’s such a good idea. But making a cottage pie and not eating it straight away is tough.

Put something proper on your feet

Like any festival, the Fringe involves lots of walking and portable toilets. A covered and supported sole is best to avoid blisters and seeping liquids.

Allow 10 minutes for the tourist slalom

The streets are congested and slow with street performers, tourists and tourists watching street performers so allow a few extra minutes to reach your destination.

Plan…but not too much

If you don’t have an idea what you’re aiming for at the Fringe it can all be a bit overwhelming. So book a few things you really want to see but leave plenty of gaps for impulse buys.

Don’t let FOMO ruin your life

Fear Of Missing Out is inevitable at the Fringe because you are going to miss out because you need to go to bed. But if you repeatedly succumb to FOMO you will, at some point, end up sitting on the toilet, sobbing.


Have a great Fringe!

Nanu Maps: Beer Gardens


It’s the weekend, it’s 20 degrees and everybody’s having a beautiful time. In this unprecedented summer heat, a beer garden is in high demand so here at Nanu we’ve had a poke around some of the best pubs in Edinburgh and found the finest beer gardens for your al-fresco drinking pleasure.

57 Blackfriars Street
Tues, Wed, Thurs 16:00- late, Fri, Sat: 12:00- late, Sun: 12:30-late.

Formerly known as Bo’s, Blackfriars reopened a couple of months ago with a new lick of paint and new bar snacks. The neon blue Bo’s sign still remains as does one of the most inconspicuous beer gardens in town. To get there you have to pretend you’re going to the toilets, which is odd, but once you get out the back it’s a lovely wee nook to while away a few hours with a cold pint of Tenants. More like your mates’ back garden than a pub, Blackfriars’ beer garden definitely does get sunshine for at least a bit of the day. But maybe pack a cardi just in case.

The Beehive Inn
18-20 Grassmarket
Mon-Sat 9:00- 1:00, Sun: 12:30- 1:00.

The Beehive Inn is a bit of a winter pub on the inside but it manages to hide a lovely beer garden out back as well. It’s one of the bigger ones in the city with loads of tables sat up the sloping garden and there’s a lovely view of Edinburgh Castle too. And if it starts raining in the middle of August, which it inevitably will, the Beehive Inn is also a Fringe venue and hosts a wide programme of (indoor) comedy events throughout the month.

The Peartree
34 West Nicholson Street
Mon- Thur 11:00 – 0:00, Fri- Sat 11:00- 1:00, Sun 12:30- 0:00.

The Peartree is Edinburgh’s go-to al fresco drinking location and will most likely be heaving on a warm summer’s day. Its beer garden is a much loved part of Edinburgh in the summer months as it’s just stumbling distance from the university and often hosts barbeques when the weather demands it. The beer’s not the cheapest in the city but it’s worth a few pennies more on a sunny day.


Nanu also likes…

The Hanging Bat, a fake grassed beer garden for daytime drinking…The Spylaw Tavern, to fit in during a stroll down Colinton way…The Links, not just for loo breaks sitting on the Meadows…and The Flotterstone Inn, in the heart of the beautiful Pentlands.

In Session On Tour


In about 6 hours time, Lily and I will be setting foot in Copenhagen, Denmark to embark on a quest to travel across Europe whilst recording sessions with local bands in every major city along the way. By the end of it all, we hope to have created a session map of Europe, showcasing the weird, the wonderful, and the downright cool musicians for whom English is a second language at best.

Our route will take us from Denmark to Germany via Sweden then South towards Croatia with lengthy stopovers in Austria and Slovenia. In true In Session style, the journey and all of its life-saving details have barely been planned from any angle whatsoever. It’s how we like it, okay, we’re purists like that. At least that’s how I’m going to spin it from now until forever.

Throughout the trip, we’re going to keep a daily video diary which will be posted to our Facebook page documenting our whereabouts that day, the mood in the camp, and the artists we’ve been stalking for a session. Whether these snippets will get posted as regularly as we’d like is another thing which will be left to chance. Frankly, I don’t have much faith in Slovakian internet but we shall endeavour to do our very best to deliver the goods. Nevertheless, In Session On Tour 2013 promises to be the blogging event of the willenium.

While you’re waiting for our first update, I present to you a Summery playlist of 20 tunes that Lily and I will be listening to throughout our trip. Whilst squeezing Lily for submissions for the playlist, I was intrigued to discover our differing stance on what constitutes a Summer song. For me, deciding upon whether the Summer tag is appropriate for a song means it has to pass me imagining walking across Edinburgh’s North Bridge on a particularly picturesque day. If I don’t feel added warmth from the song then it is banished to a downright miserable life outside of June-August. For, Lily, however, a Summer song simply has to fit in at a picnic in a field. Nothing too complicated but, given her response to my selections, exuberant synths are about as welcome as wasps.

The playlist itself is awfully lopsided towards my definition of Summer music as it features a greedy 17 picks from myself and a meagre 3 from Lily. A souvenir from our trip will be awarded to anyone who can pluck Lily’s selections from our playlist. Answers in the comments, please. Enjoy!

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Nanu Maps: Breakfast


Hi Nanu Friends. Sorry for the hiatus. We’ve been searching the city for the best breakfast joints around and there’s only so many fry ups one can eat all at once. But never fear, Ellie, Elyse and new Nanu Maps contributor, Morgan have found the best places to grab breakfast in Edinburgh when you don’t really fancy an Egg McMuffin.

View Nanu Maps: Breakfast in a larger map


118 Buccleuch Street /15 West Register Street
Mon-Fri 07:00-16:00, Sat 07:00-18:00, Sun 08:00-18:00

Just a stone’s throw away from George Square library, Snax is usually occupied by bleary eyed students soothing their hangovers. And with full breakfasts starting at a mere £2.50 it’s hard not to see the appeal. Snax is a classic greasy spoon with big portions, small prices and actually really good food. Tea comes in big mugs and staff are friendly and fast. Buccleuch Street is much more likely to find you a table, but there’s another small branch just behind Princes Street, perfect for a bacon roll between shopping. Snax is also open really, really early so you can grab some cheap and delicious fuel for the day first thing. The comfort food extends to lunchtime with burgers, chips, baked potatoes and chilli; also very, very cheap and delicious. Snax is probably the only place I can abide which uses a quirky letter ‘x’ in its name.


146 Marchmont Road
Mon-Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-17:00

Ideal for a sophisticated Sunday brunch, Toast even makes its own baked beans. It’s a friendly wee café located in the heart of Marchmont, slightly more expensive than your average but it makes up for it in quality and originality. The traditional fry up is given a bit of TLC and its these little differences which make brunch a little bit special. There are good veggie options available, a whole alternative fry up is on offer which includes haggis! And if you don’t fancy the full fry up, there’s filled croissants, French toast and scrambled eggs. Weekend Brunch is also particularly popular as it has a few extras like Eggs Benedict and open sandwiches on offer. A great place to take your mum or meet your pals. If you’re going at the weekend, I’d arrive early or reserve a table. It’s a popular wee establishment and the best in the area.

The Abbey

65 South Clerk Street
Mon-Sat: 10am-1am; Sun 10.30am-1am

Nanu has previously recommended the Abbey as a top location for real beer in Edinburgh, but when you’ve had quite a few ales the night before, the Abbey also functions as one of the best places to go for a cheap and cheerful fry up the morning after. Open from 10am with a cosy atmosphere, welcoming smell and a few locals nursing an early Tenants over the Daily Sport, their prize deal is a cooked “Big Breakfast” with a pot of tea or coffee for just £3.99. Also on offer is a Scottish breakfast – effectively your classic full breakfast with added haggis and white pudding. For those who want a little less grease in the morning, there are also rolls, omelettes and waffles on offer, each with a selection of fillings and toppings. The perfect way to deal with a hangover.

The Haven

8/9 Anchorfield
Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00, Sat-Sun 9.00-17.00

At 8/9 Anchorfield, Edinburgh, you’ll find the Haven. With bright coloured walls and knick-knackery hanging above and sitting on shelves it sounds like somewhere your granny might go but the Haven is not over cluttered or blinding, it just welcomes you in and cheers you up. Offering a simple but substantial breakfast menu it has the regular fry ups and rolls but, importantly, an added delight to the classic breakfast is the colourful and mismatching pretty cups, saucers and plates of Victorian style. If the traditional breakfast isn’t what you’re looking for then the array of delicious cakes might take your fancy even in the morning. A little out the way from Leith Walk and unless you’re a huge walking enthusiast, a bus is definitely necessary from Edinburgh but well worth it – it really is quite the haven from buzz of the city where you can enjoy a long, peaceful breakfast.


126 Nicolson Street
Mon-Fri 7.30-8.30, Sat-Sun 8.00-8.00

Kilimanjaro is situated in the centre of Newington in Edinburgh. At lunchtime Kilimanjaro is heaving with students making the morning a perhaps forgotten alternative when visiting the café. Yet it offers a range of breakfast delights including the fry up and eggs benedict which challenges the lunchtime favourite, the sweet chilli chicken Panini. Milkshakes and fruit juice are also on the menu at price which is keeping with the area. The large glass window brings natural light into the café even on the dreariest Edinburgh day but it also allows you to people watch and relax whilst eating. Open early Kilimanjaro is the perfect meeting place for having breakfast with friends but you would never feel out of place if choosing to visit alone. Kilimanjaro offers a casual atmosphere with friendly staff always on the go and after eating there once it is likely you become a regular.

Fin and Hitch’s Inspirablog: We should get a dog.


So it took a while but eventually, after running through two of Edinburgh”s dog walking hotspots on an almost daily basis, I turned to Hitch and proclaimed “we should get

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a dog”. What would be better than man”s best friend to accompany us on our new routine? We go on the run anyway, it is frankly irresponsible for us not to get a dog – and would make me cleaning up any turds Hitch leaves on the path that much more excusable for me if we can blame it on the dog.

Now forget about all the responsibility that owning a dog brings; the walks, the feeding, the picking up dog shit, the vet bills, the silly games, the picking up of more dog shit. Let”s get down to the really important stuff:

Which breed of dog?

Finlay”s Choice – Pug

My god why would you buy any other dog? These cute little bastards not only look the business but are full of personality, well at least all those pug gifs I”ve seen on Tumblr have led me to believe they are.

Would also consider: Golden Retriever or Black Labrador.

Hitch”s Choice –

I don”t know what dog breeds are, but I”d like my dog to be happy, good at barking – but never loud – and a good listener. It wouldn”t go a miss to have a dog who shares the same humour as me – it will be spending a lot of time in my flat listening to me play guitar and “entertaining” it, so it would be brilliant if it enjoys this kind of lifestyle, as well as the occasional running.

That or the dulux dog.


What would we name it?

Finlay”s Name of Choice – Dr Leonard McCoy or Bones for short.

Star Trek joke aside I have always loved the idea of calling a dog Bones. Plus if his career as running sidekick falls through he could always get a new gig as a dog detective.

Hitch”s Name of Choice –

I can”t decide. If it”s a boy, I”m gonna call it Spankz. If it”s a girl dog, I”m still gonna call it spankz. I don”t know, but the name just feels right. Other possibilities: Tony, Dogboy, Tina, Gerbil or flufft.

I”m not very good with names, so I will probably change it on the fly. Poor thing will get very confused.

Today”s track had to be Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over. It is a great track for near the start of a run plus it both mentions running and has dog in the title. Subscribe to the playlist

As ever if you would like to sponsor us head to our Just Giving page right here

Event: Science Festival Lates

Science Festival Lates_574da9

I scoured the Internet, I scoured the streets. I scoured other things as well, I scoured them for an event for you lovely ladies and gents and I found one. I found you an even when I left a toilet (gents) in EUSA’s very own union. I left the toilet and met some very persuasive and helpful folk who worked the door for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. There was stand-up on tonight (3 April) and as at least one of you know I like stand-up and Science. The festival runs from the 23 March until the 7th of April so you have 4 days left to soak up the rather impressive line-up of sciencey enterfunment. Today you have “The Fame Algorithm With Simon Pampena” a stand-up Mathematician in Teviot Row underground  (Thurs 4th April£10/£8) If combining any nerdy topic, beer and hilarity isn’t your thing well you aren’t me. But if they are your thing or you are me well you should go.

Fame Algorithm_0a4be8


Fin and Hitch's Inspirablog #4

Finlay and His City

Here are some essential tips for “how to run”

1) Be Visible – essential when you are starting to run, is that you only need to run when you can be seen. This is an old tip I picked up from Rugby drills as a schoolboy, either cutting corners on a route when too far away from a member of staff, or else walking entirely when they are facing the other way. For us, this key is essential – you don”t have to run if no-one is looking, but keeping up appearances when you are. Every day while on our usual route, we have to pass an office with wide windows onto the park, directly in front of our path – and without fail we perform our role to them as two machines of excercise, glorious bastion”s of determination and sweat. They must think we are so fucking cool.

*I have just realised that those of them with better eyesight might see us slacking on the other side of the park. I think this makes that entry null and void.

2) Be Bold – when attempting to appear to be running, there are a number of things one can do. Lift up the knees when you want to appear, groan, and throw water onto yourself as you pass (famous sporty types do this all the times as it makes them look sweaty).

3) Never hold hands – it is difficult to run when holding hands, we learnt this the hard way.

4) Always walk when crossing a road – as it is essential to hold hands when crossing, rule 3 indicates that running across the road is impossible. Heed this advice.

5) Encouragement – having a partner to run with means you are always in competition with each other. Never let them know how much you hate them by keeping their morale high; always make sure you encourage them more than they encourage you,

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so that they are in your blood debt (useful later on)

6) Strap up – wearing the right equipment is essential, but top of this list has to be making sure your genitals are safe, and adequately exaggerated when running. No-one likes to watch a fat sweaty man gallop towards them if they have a visibly tiny pecker. No-one. If anything, you have a duty to your fellow social passengers to pick a favourite phallic vegetable and strap it to your leg with a temporary waterproof adhesive.

7) Never admit defeat – it isn”t a problem to lose, as much as it doesn”t matter if you win.

8) Think – the hardest aspect of running is the mental strength. When concentrating on your physical performance, it is easy to let your – but this dulls the mind, even if it makes time go faster. As such, you need to find a balance between this repetetive monotony that makes time pass quickly, and keeping yourself occupied. If you keep one mantra in your head, over and over again, you can get to the sort of tantric essence of running that keeps you going, but with an entertaining phrase, your boredom can be sated. Phrases I like to include are: “I don”t want to do this”, “Stop Stop Stop Stop” and “don”t let that courgette slide down your leg” repeated over and over in your head

9) Pace – running too fast is a pain, but running too slow does no-one any favours. Knowing how fast you should be travelling is essential for a good workout and one has to look to the animal kingdom for guidance – you want to be going faster than a snail”s pace for instance, but never as fast as a hare as that will wear you down, and as we know from the fable, will cause you to get cocky and sleep somewhere instead of racing and then the bastard tortoise might snatch victory from under your arrogant rabbity nose. Importantly, find the right pace for you, and stick to it – we tend to run at a dolphin”s pace (if the dolphin was trying to run on land) and that seems to motivate us adequately.

10) Dealing with police – a tough one to Giocare è davvero semplice, dovrai aprire un Conto Gioco, scegliere il Bonus Benvenuto giochi di Abilità e cominciare a giocare subito con il card games preferito. get right. Legally, there are certain things you can and can”t do – for example, it is illegal to wave at a policeman. Terrorist groups are known to try and work their magic on authority figures in this way, and as such police are apt to clamp down on unnecessary greetings and other informal blather while running past. Ignore police as much as you can, smiling at most, unless they talk to you first – in which case, have an official response prepared, things like “lovely day officer”, “morning constable” and “my, that is a lovely dress m”am” (as in “h”am”)

11) Running Gear – wearing the right things is so important. Running shoes are an essential, and those who need it should consider wearing comfortable sports bras where necessary – Finlay and I made the mistake in our first week of going into the wild ill equipped, wearing trainers and a sort of crotchless lingerie which, although extremely flattering to our Rubenesque frames, were not appropriate for the exercise in question – we won”t be making that mistake two weeks in a row (again)! Cold too!

12) Runner Etiquette – don”t try to stop and talk with other runners, this disrupts people”s rhythm, instead you can communicate using a sort of rudimentary morse code of feet and a series of grunting sounds which are capable of basic phrases such as “can you pass me some water” but can be used all the way up to “what do you think of Roman Polanski”s latest Neo-Noir documentary?”. When not running, it is customary before and after every run to present a gift to your running partner. They don”t have to be expensive, probably within the £25 to £200 price range, but they cannot be functional and must be entirely unneccessary and be tagged in your own mind”s eye as “complete tat”. Anything useful is considered a slight against their professional ability to run, and is absolutely verboden. Why not give them a nice hat?

13) Dogs – whether a tiny yapper, or a 300 pound trained killer, these animals make excellent forms of transport if you get exhausted mid run, and double up as boot scrapers. Essential purchase – remember, dogs aren”t only for Christmas, they are also for running.

14) People who run together, blog together – start a blog and hide narky passive aggressive comments throughout, and then check to see if your partner actually reads the other half of the blog. You”d be amazed the shit you can say without them realising.

15) Routine – getting into a regular routine is important, so when you arrive together, make sure you use the same jokes when you meet (“nice to RUN into you again”, “fancy seeing you here rapper RUN DMC”, “hey, look over there [pointing and then running away quickly]”) as well as while you are running together ([run too fast so you get ahead and when in ear shot of a policeman shout] “help me, he”s coming to get me!” LOL), as well as keeping everything else the same – stretching, jog distance, stretch-down, showers, post-run kissing etc.

16) Never give up – unless you have to, or are bored or whatever.

17) Walk before you can run – this is perhaps the most obvious problem one has to overcome when you start running. If you don”t know how to walk, then running is supremely difficult. Even then, the step up takes a lot of hard work and practice – which you can do at home thanks to this excellent and authentic running simulator which takes you through the basics, called “QWOP” – it”s mighty fun too.


Hitch”s Mantra: You are always watching yourself. Never Stop Running.

Hitch”s guide on how to run is absolutely spot on this week folks so follow all of those tips to the letter.

For the song of the week this week it was pretty essential that you could imagine yourself in a learning to run montage whilst listening to it. Deliberately avoiding the cliches of the montage scene I decided to go for Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. Plus look at that video.

You can keep up with the Spotify playlist as ever .

We continue to run for our own enjoyment but if you fancy supporting us and a very good charity you can find our Just Giving page here. We will happily perform challenges for money. Both because we want to make it interesting and we are of course performing monkeys. If you missed last week”s blog check it out for more information on our charity attempt.

Fin and Hitch's Inspirablog Week 3


Finlay Says Things

Having run for three weeks we have finally become gods. As a result of this ascension to higher beings we have decided to change the world. We will be achieving this by setting up a Just Giving page and running some more. This plan requires the generosity of you fine readers. We will continue running regardless of donations but we would encourage you to donate by offering the chance to set us challenges. These challenges can be almost anything, with in reason, but obviously running based. Feel free to give us new routes to run, set us new goals or get us to do something silly (Hitch has mentioned clown make up). Anyway any amount you can give will be more than welcome and £20 will get you the chance to set us a challenge.

The charity we have chosen is The Hunger Project. A mighty fine charity that aims to end world hunger, which seems like a damn good idea to me. For more information check out their website here.


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you”ll be dying to know where to go to donate. Well our Just Giving is right here. Please check it out and donate if you can afford it.

This week”s song for the playlist is Plan B”s Ill Manors, not for any reason other than Hitch has was “singing” it on our most recent run. It”s a damn good tune, especially when being serenaded by it whilst running up Arthur”s Seat.

As ever you can subscribe to our Spotify You could still enroll in a health plan anytime before March 31st, 2014. playlist

A Message From Hitch

I thought I”d just chip in here and say my peace (piece?). Here, you don”t have to give us money – frankly we don”t care. We are gonna run a million miles probably, we”re that good, and that

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god damned committed to the cause – and I don”t even know what the cause was for sure. I”ve not even bothered to read Finlay”s bit of the post. However, assuming he went with my recommendations for what charity I wanted us to help out, those girls/women are gonna need our help – and you need to take out a credit card and help them out of their habit(s). Some of them, sure it”s not money they need, but even so the others – they need you, and most importantly, the vicarage needs them too. Go on, give a little, and help them to make amends. We”ll be back to normal service next week, and who knows, if we raise enough – maybe those girls can get back to normal service next week too.

Total Distance Travelled: 48.1 km.

This would take us roughly to somewhere like Stow, near Galashiels. According to wikipedia, Stow has a population of 620 (622 if you added us). There is a church there we could probably visit.