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Finlay Says Things

Having run for three weeks we have finally become gods. As a result of this ascension to higher beings we have decided to change the world. We will be achieving this by setting up a Just Giving page and running some more. This plan requires the generosity of you fine readers. We will continue running regardless of donations but we would encourage you to donate by offering the chance to set us challenges. These challenges can be almost anything, with in reason, but obviously running based. Feel free to give us new routes to run, set us new goals or get us to do something silly (Hitch has mentioned clown make up). Anyway any amount you can give will be more than welcome and £20 will get you the chance to set us a challenge.

The charity we have chosen is The Hunger Project. A mighty fine charity that aims to end world hunger, which seems like a damn good idea to me. For more information check out their website here.


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you”ll be dying to know where to go to donate. Well our Just Giving is right here. Please check it out and donate if you can afford it.

This week”s song for the playlist is Plan B”s Ill Manors, not for any reason other than Hitch has was “singing” it on our most recent run. It”s a damn good tune, especially when being serenaded by it whilst running up Arthur”s Seat.

As ever you can subscribe to our Spotify You could still enroll in a health plan anytime before March 31st, 2014. playlist

A Message From Hitch

I thought I”d just chip in here and say my peace (piece?). Here, you don”t have to give us money – frankly we don”t care. We are gonna run a million miles probably, we”re that good, and that

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god damned committed to the cause – and I don”t even know what the cause was for sure. I”ve not even bothered to read Finlay”s bit of the post. However, assuming he went with my recommendations for what charity I wanted us to help out, those girls/women are gonna need our help – and you need to take out a credit card and help them out of their habit(s). Some of them, sure it”s not money they need, but even so the others – they need you, and most importantly, the vicarage needs them too. Go on, give a little, and help them to make amends. We”ll be back to normal service next week, and who knows, if we raise enough – maybe those girls can get back to normal service next week too.

Total Distance Travelled: 48.1 km.

This would take us roughly to somewhere like Stow, near Galashiels. According to wikipedia, Stow has a population of 620 (622 if you added us). There is a church there we could probably visit.



  • I’ve been to stow, quite lovely. Wouldn’t run there mind you. I’ll donate a tenner when you smash 100 km or if you run with your willy’s out, whichever comes first.

  • Meant to say, I’m really loving the blog but that tadger out offer is the real deal

  • […] make it interesting and we are of course performing monkeys. If you missed last week’s blog check it out for more information on our charity […]

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