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In Session On Tour


In about 6 hours time, Lily and I will be setting foot in Copenhagen, Denmark to embark on a quest to travel across Europe whilst recording sessions with local bands in every major city along the way. By the end of it all, we hope to have created a session map of Europe, showcasing the weird, the wonderful, and the downright cool musicians for whom English is a second language at best.

Our route will take us from Denmark to Germany via Sweden then South towards Croatia with lengthy stopovers in Austria and Slovenia. In true In Session style, the journey and all of its life-saving details have barely been planned from any angle whatsoever. It’s how we like it, okay, we’re purists like that. At least that’s how I’m going to spin it from now until forever.

Throughout the trip, we’re going to keep a daily video diary which will be posted to our Facebook page documenting our whereabouts that day, the mood in the camp, and the artists we’ve been stalking for a session. Whether these snippets will get posted as regularly as we’d like is another thing which will be left to chance. Frankly, I don’t have much faith in Slovakian internet but we shall endeavour to do our very best to deliver the goods. Nevertheless, In Session On Tour 2013 promises to be the blogging event of the willenium.

While you’re waiting for our first update, I present to you a Summery playlist of 20 tunes that Lily and I will be listening to throughout our trip. Whilst squeezing Lily for submissions for the playlist, I was intrigued to discover our differing stance on what constitutes a Summer song. For me, deciding upon whether the Summer tag is appropriate for a song means it has to pass me imagining walking across Edinburgh’s North Bridge on a particularly picturesque day. If I don’t feel added warmth from the song then it is banished to a downright miserable life outside of June-August. For, Lily, however, a Summer song simply has to fit in at a picnic in a field. Nothing too complicated but, given her response to my selections, exuberant synths are about as welcome as wasps.

The playlist itself is awfully lopsided towards my definition of Summer music as it features a greedy 17 picks from myself and a meagre 3 from Lily. A souvenir from our trip will be awarded to anyone who can pluck Lily’s selections from our playlist. Answers in the comments, please. Enjoy!

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Honeyblood In Session

Honeyblood (by Laura Coulson)

As part of a Record Store Day special way back on April 20th, we were absolutely delighted to kick off the show with Stina and Shona from Glasgow-based thrashing girl-duo Honeyblood before their set at Vox Box Records. We were treated to two new songs soaked in surf as well the terrific Super Rat which has been getting regular airtime on both on In Session and my new Scottish music show on Castle FM.

We chatted with the girls about their releases to date (a tape release on CATH Records which is now sold out), composing songs and the role of bad people, good people, and life in general which gives meaning to their songs, and the suitability of their “garage crunch-pop” label.

Before they play the T- Break stage at T In The Park, you can catch Honeyblood performing live in Glasgow on June 28th at The Old Hairdressers.

To keep up to date on all things Honeyblood:
YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @yumhoneyblood

Full Session (including interview)

In Session – Honeyblood by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Bud (Live on In Session)

2. Super Rat (Live on In Session)

3. Kissing On You (Live on In Session)

4. Work Drugs – License To Drive (chosen by Stina and Shona)
note that the audio is different to the one in the podcast; the videos have the guitars turned up whereas the podcast has cleaner vocals. We’ve given you the option, let us know in the comments if you prefer one or the other as one version will appear on the upcoming third mixtape

Honeyblood – Bud (Live on In Session)

Honeyblood – Super Rat (Live on In Session)

Honeyblood – Kissing On You (Live on In Session)

In Session broadcasts live on every Saturday from 6-7pm (currently on Summer hiatus) featuring a plethora of the hottest new music from the Scottish scene, a roundup of recent and upcoming gigs, and, of course, a guest performing live in the studio.

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Admiral Fallow In Session

Admiral Fallow

As part of a Record Store Day special on April 20th, we captured Louis, Kevin, and Sarah of Scottish folk-pop heavyweights Admiral Fallow for a session on the day that the band released a limited run of their acclaimed (longlisted for the 2013 SAY Award) second LP ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ on vinyl for the first time to commemorate RSD 2013.

We chatted with the band about their formation, having to start the applause themselves at grim open mics, plus the evolution of their writing process and their eclectic assortment of instruments used in the past, present and future.

Admiral Fallow’s SAY Award long-listed LP ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ is available to purchase from Nettwerk Records via their website.

To keep up to date on all things Admiral Fallow:
YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @AdmiralFallow

Full Session (including interview)

In Session – Admiral Fallow by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Beetle In The Box (Live on In Session)

2. Oh, Oscar (Live on In Session)

3. Guest Of The Government (Live on In Session)

Admiral Fallow – Beetle In The Box (Live on In Session)

Admiral Fallow – Oh, Oscar (Live on In Session)

Admiral Fallow – Guest Of The Government (Live on In Session)
In Session broadcasts live on every Saturday from 6-7pm featuring a plethora of the hottest new music from the Scottish scene, a roundup of recent and upcoming gigs, and, of course, a guest performing live in the studio.

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Music: Meursault @ Liquid Room


It used be that you’d never need to go more than a couple of weeks without seeing Meursault playing in Edinburgh. Now however, it’s turned into a can’t-miss biannual phenomenon where sorely missed backdrops like The Bowery’s are left behind for stages better suited to Neil Pennycook’s ever growing and ever tending towards americana outfit. Well tonight just so happens to be one of those nights, for tonight is the first of series of gigs at Liquid Room orchestrated by local festival-doers Haddowfest. Compered by BBC Radio 1’s Ally McCrae and featuring Withered Hand and FOUND (both hand picked by Meursault themselves) proceedings promise to be a fairly eclectic. An expected mix of classics from 2009’s Good News and new tracks should be a treat from Withered Hand who’ll be in full band formation. They’ll be on early so make sure you get along sharp! Currently a band in flux, losing a member to fatherhood and adding a drummer in recent months, I’m hoping FOUND will make the same jump Meursault did when they swapped electronics for acoustic drums between All Creatures Will Make Merry and Something For The Weakened. And as if you need any persuading as to why you can’t miss Meursault this time around, simply click below. Doors are at 7.

Luke Sital-Singh In Session


As part of our Record Store Day special, of which there is plenty more to come, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to savour the presence of the phenomenally talented Luke Sital-Singh who was in town for the Edinburgh leg of his headline UK tour to promote his new EP ‘Old Flint’. With Luke’s delicate and beautifully toned voice drawing welcome comparisons to Bon Iver and Damien Rice, this Londoner is performing on another level to his peers around him; having recently secured a support slot on The Rolling Stones’ upcoming concert at Hyde Park.

We chatted with Luke about his preference to work and perform alone, self-reflection, and whether or not one of his (formerly) favourite bands, Slipknot, ever recorded an album in a haunted house.

Luke Sital-Singh’s new EP ‘Old Flint’ is available now on Raygun Music via iTunes.

To keep up to date on all things Luke Sital-Singh:
YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @lukesitalsingh

Full Session (including interview)

In Session – Luke Sital-Singh by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Inaudible Sighs (Live on In Session)

2. Bottled Up Tight (Live on In Session)

3. Fail For You (Live on In Session)

Luke Sital-Singh – Inaudible Sighs (Live on In Session)

Luke Sital-Singh – Bottled Up Tight (Live on In Session)

Luke Sital-Singh – Fail For You (Live on In Session)
In Session broadcasts live on every Saturday from 6-7pm featuring a plethora of the hottest new music from the Scottish scene, a roundup of recent and upcoming gigs, and, of course, a guest performing live in the studio.

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Record Store Days


I bought my first vinyl record online – to some extent, a terribly ironic sign of the times, but also a sign of Shetland’s remoteness. It was Elle Milano’s ‘Swearing’s for Art Students’ EP, angsty teenage indie obscurity on limited edition red vinyl. I got number 455 of 500.

My first experience of buying vinyl in a shop was in OneUp in Aberdeen, which sadly closed at the end of January this year.  I bought a handful of 7” singles, including some Maxïmo Park and ¡Forward, Russia!, each 99p. I felt very, very cool. If I hadn’t been a 14 year old girl, I might have tried to strike up conversation with the shop owner, and if I hadn’t lived a sea away I would have been back a little more often.

Since moving to Edinburgh, I have had some great finds in record shops across the city, from taking a gamble on saxophonist Illinois Jacques at Record Shak to things I immediately knew I would cherish, such as a lovely gatefold edition of ‘Beggars Banquet’ alongside the Grease soundtrack from VoxBox. My local record shop, however, will always be Clive’s.

I never bought vinyl in Clive’s. By the time I came on the scene it was first cassettes, and then CDs – too early for the record resurgence. I remember getting Marvin and Tamara’s Groove Machine on tape, which I still own. What do you mean you don’t remember them? It was the summer of ’99, baby:

I remember my mum and nan discussing in hushed tones whether it was appropriate for me to spend a record token on Wheatus’ debut album because it had a parental advisory sticker. I never did get any more than the radio edit of Teenage Dirtbag. I remember going in with my first proper boyfriend to pick up a copy of Pulp’s ‘Different Class’ so we could discover it together. Cheesy, but so began a love affair that has spanned years (I am of course referring to myself and Jarvis Cocker et al, not the boyfriend). I also remember going in during my heavy Glasgow indie, Domino Records phase and tentatively asking a cheery shop assistant if they had a copy of Sons and Daughters’ ‘Love the Cup’. They did.


Like OneUp, Clive’s also closed, back in 2011, having served Shetland’s population since the 1970s. Of course I played a part in the closure; we all did, and we all continue to do so. The convenience of online shopping and especially of downloading cannot be understated. As well as this, music services such as Spotify – on which I do have a paid account – mean that you can listen to pretty much anything you’ve ever wanted to, and plenty that you didn’t even know you wanted to, at the touch of a button. I use it as background noise when I’m focusing on other tasks. I download songs from the Top 40 that get stuck in my head so that I can play them to death on my walk to university, and then delete them the next time I reorganise my iPod (limited storage you see! It’s not like a physical shelf where you can just perch case upon case, until one day they all fall down and you think ‘maybe I should get a bigger shelf’).

I would hesitate to say that I treat these downloads as disposable. That seems to be unfair to the artists in question, though to some extent that is always how pop music will be consumed. Possibly more appropriate would be to say that I have no connection to the downloading process. I sit on my bed and I click.

I could count the number of music downloads I can vaguely remember carrying out on one hand. Even fewer online CD purchases. There’s no interaction. There’s no story.

People, righteous vinyl junkies, always point out that in a record shop, you can meet like-minded people. You can take risks based on what they recommend to you, and hopefully you can do the same for them. This is absolutely true, especially if you can get over your fear of looking terribly uncool and uneducated – top tip: throwing yourself in at the deep end and buying the most embarrassing thing you can find will blow that right out of the way.

But it’s also a way to bond with people you already know, discovering music together, sharing your tastes and laughing at each other when you almost accidentally purchase some Scandinavian screamo/thrash/metal ‘cause it had a hilarious picture of a cat on the front. Just goes to show you can never judge a record by its sleeve, or something.


Music sharing services online have tried to incorporate this sharing facility, and to some extent they probably are effective. However, realistically, how many times have you seen via Facebook that a friend was listening to something on Spotify, or seen their top 3 artists of the week published on Twitter and thought “hmm, I must tune into some of that”? The experience of heading to a record shop with a friend is a very difficult one to replicate, just as reading in 140 characters that someone you know thinks a film was fairly good is never going to have the same effect as a drawn out discussion with them about it over a couple of pints.

Record Store Day is a fantastic thing to support because record stores are fantastic things – livelihoods – worth supporting. Vinyl is pretty trendy right now: by all means, scrum on down to your nearest emporium today and scramble with the other hipsters for that special edition release. You’ll certainly have a story to tell, and I hope the rush you get will keep you going back. Record shops are worth supporting, but what’s more, they need supporting. Following the demise of Clive’s, Shetland is lacking a dedicated music outlet – and probably always will. On the other hand, Edinburgh’s independent record shop scene appears to be rather densely populated; something for the city to be proud of. If we continue to frequent and nurture these shops, they will continue to give back – and what’s not to like about that?

Interested in exploring Edinburgh’s independent music shop scene? Check out our Nanu Maps: Record Shops to find out more.

Panda Su In Session

Panda Su by Portis Wasp

In Session: Panda Su

Last Friday, Lily and I welcomed Panda Su, a DIY musician whose dreamy vocals have garnered heaps of critical acclaim and adoration from fans following the release of two EPs ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘I Begin’. We managed to catch her before the Edinburgh leg of her Scottish tour where Su is debuting new material ahead of her upcoming debut album. We talked about creative processes, whether you actually need to ‘know’ how to play guitar to be able play it, and why exactly Su loves pandas over all the other bears in the world (even the gummy kind).

Panda Su, with the help of her band-mate Adam Phillips, performed two songs for us, ‘The Alphabet Song’ and ‘Lines’ which, for the first time on In Session, are accompanied by video recordings (scroll down) thanks to the fantastic help of Richard Hanrahan. There would have been a third song to boast, a live rendition of new song ‘Maps’, but, sadly, chaotic hardware issues snafued that plan. However, to close out the podcast, we do have an advance play of ‘Maps’ which is due for release on April 29th on Su’s DIY label, Peterpanda Records.

Panda Su’s next appearance in Edinburgh will be on April 26th at Summerhall for ‘Neu! Reekie!’

To keep up to date on all things Panda Su via her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

In Session – Panda Su by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Panda Su – The Alphabet Song (Live on In Session)

2. Panda Su – Lines (Live on In Session)

3. Holly Wilson – Summer Mind

4. Panda Su – Maps


Panda Su – The Alphabet Song (Live on In Session)

Panda Su – Lines (Live on In Session)

In Session broadcasts live on every Saturday from 6-7pm featuring a plethora of the hottest new music from the Scottish scene, a roundup of recent and upcoming gigs, and, of course, a guest performing live in the studio.

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Music: If You Leave


It’s been 18 months since Daughter’s last EP, The Wild Youth, was released. Since then they have signed to 4AD and produced a fresh sounding album that still remains recognisable to old fans. If You Leave, as a whole, is evidently personal to its writers. However, it is relatable, at least, to anyone who has ever been hurt. Although The Wild Youth and His Young Heart EPs were, to some, depressing, If You Leave is understandable to the point of comfort.

Lyrics aside, If You Leave is simply beautiful to listen to. The fragile guitar layers of the lead single, Smother, are stunning, whilst the reworked Youth somehow manages to be more poignant than its original. Human, unusually for Daughter, is relatively upbeat, and well placed between the calmer

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Tomorrow and Touch.

Following last year’s sold out tour, Daughter are returning to Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket in October, and you can also catch them at numerous UK festivals, including Field Day and Latitude. Since the album’s release, they’ve done a live session for Zane Lowe in which they covered Bon Iver’s Perth and Hot Chip’s Ready for the Floor. If you’re doubtful about this mix, have a listen (link below), it’s the best cover I’ve heard for a while.

Holly Wilson In Session


Holly Wilson is an unsigned singer-songwriter from Glasgow who first caught our attention as the support for Mike Nisbet at Pivo, Edinburgh, a fortnight ago. With a penchant for writing catchy songs, Holly’s husky toned Scottish accent instantly charms listening ears and it was with great pleasure that we welcomed her into the studio last Saturday to perform a handful of self-penned songs.

With no EPs or albums to her name as of yet, it is still very early in Holly Wilson’s musical career but you can keep an eye on her progress on her website, Twitter, and Facebook for more

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news about upcoming gigs and album recording efforts. Plus, new tracks are posted regularly to Holly’s .

In Session – Holly Wilson by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Rosebuds (Live on In Session)

2. Summer Mind (Live on In Session)

3. Terracotta Pot (Live on In Session)

4. Icebergs (Live on In Session)



In Session broadcasts live on every Saturday from 6-7pm featuring a plethora of the hottest new music from the Scottish scene, a roundup of recent and upcoming gigs, and, of course, a guest performing live in the studio.

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Review: Conquering Animal Sound – On Floating Bodies

Conquering Animal Sound

Conquering Animal Sound - On Floating Bodies
“Something new with an old shape”

In 2011, Scottish folktronica act and loop pedal enthusiasts Conquering Animal Sound burst into the consciousness of the Scottish music scene with their first LP Kammerspiel, released on Gizeh Records. It was an experimental record to be listened to without distraction, attention focused on Anneke Kampman’s delicate vocals amidst a chaotic symphony of crackles, bells, and synth hums co-created with James Scott.

Kammerspiel was an album that instantly hooked me. It presented something completely different from what I had come to expect from Scottish music and it brought great pleasure to me to see the duo shortlisted for the inaugural Scottish Album of the Year award in 2012.

Off the back of their critical success, the wait for Conquering Animal Sound’s follow-up album has been mercifully short-lived with the release of ‘On Floating Bodies’ on Chemikal Underground Records last week. The duo’s second outing features the familiar clicks and glitchtronica that define the CAS sound, whilst retaining the focus on Anneke’s enchanting Bjork-like vocals – a genuinely unavoidable comparison, sorry, Anneke – at the forefront of every song. However, ‘On Floating Bodies’ is a fuller, more confident record which has broken free from the shackles which kept Kammerspiel so finespun.

Speaking to Stu Lewis about their latest LP on The Tidal Wave of Indifference, James exalts: “We wanted more overtly electronic elements…to create more rhythmic sounds, and that came out in quite a direct fashion.” ‘On Floating Bodies’ certainly achieves this, expanding on their pre-established sound with layers of electronic loops, chirps and chimes which are entirely more striking in comparison to their previous outing. The far-reaching ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ is rife with 8-bit frills and Super Mario-inspired notations that trick my brain into thinking that I’m listening to the layers of this song converge to a catharsis, inside a busy arcade.

‘On Floating Bodies’ takes a curious though pleasant turn in its second half as CAS’s new found confidence starts exhibiting surprisingly poppy hooks. ‘Gloss’, ‘Treehouse’ and ‘A Noise Remains’ are all evidence of this, the last of these in particular standing out as Anneke repeatedly proclaims the line “move back and back and forth” with authority. The lush melodies on these tracks showcase Anneke’s vocals in a way that will be alien to those who are unaware of her recent solo work as ‘ANAKANAK’ and further demonstrate the influence of Anneke and James’s solo projects on this record. James, of course, is the man behind the swash electronic sounds of

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The Japanese War Effort.

The unique soundscapes that I fell in love with in ‘Kammerspiel’ are still present in ‘On Floating Bodies’ but they have been noticeably altered in accordance with a confidence and enthusiasm for music-making that the band has developed over the past 18 months. Anneke and James have managed to preserve the haunting qualities of CAS’s previous work, but have unfettered the electronic elements to instil more vibrant melodies and textures to their music.

This is by no means a reinvention of Conquering Animal Sound, though; it is a further expression of the qualities they possess which made people sit up and take notice.

On Floating Bodies is out now and available to purchase from Chemikal Underground Records.