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Panda Su by Portis Wasp

In Session: Panda Su

Last Friday, Lily and I welcomed Panda Su, a DIY musician whose dreamy vocals have garnered heaps of critical acclaim and adoration from fans following the release of two EPs ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘I Begin’. We managed to catch her before the Edinburgh leg of her Scottish tour where Su is debuting new material ahead of her upcoming debut album. We talked about creative processes, whether you actually need to ‘know’ how to play guitar to be able play it, and why exactly Su loves pandas over all the other bears in the world (even the gummy kind).

Panda Su, with the help of her band-mate Adam Phillips, performed two songs for us, ‘The Alphabet Song’ and ‘Lines’ which, for the first time on In Session, are accompanied by video recordings (scroll down) thanks to the fantastic help of Richard Hanrahan. There would have been a third song to boast, a live rendition of new song ‘Maps’, but, sadly, chaotic hardware issues snafued that plan. However, to close out the podcast, we do have an advance play of ‘Maps’ which is due for release on April 29th on Su’s DIY label, Peterpanda Records.

Panda Su’s next appearance in Edinburgh will be on April 26th at Summerhall for ‘Neu! Reekie!’

To keep up to date on all things Panda Su via her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

In Session – Panda Su by Radioblagger on Mixcloud


1. Panda Su – The Alphabet Song (Live on In Session)

2. Panda Su – Lines (Live on In Session)

3. Holly Wilson – Summer Mind

4. Panda Su – Maps


Panda Su – The Alphabet Song (Live on In Session)

Panda Su – Lines (Live on In Session)

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