Nanu on Bond: Angus on Thunderball



Thunderball is the first Bond book I read. True fact.
Thunderball sees James face off against Spectre, chiefly the eyepatched menace “No. 2”. Everything is present; an Aston Martin, excellent quips and enemies who straddle perfectly the line between camp and menacing. Also present is some really great second unit action sequences, especially the underwater fights. While often criticised as slow I’ve always been a big fan. Now lets talk about the real star of this picture, the set piece that really stands out. Probably the main reason that the Academy awarded Thunderball the 1966 Oscar for visual effects, The Mink Glove. James uses a Mink mitten to bring a health worker to ecstasy, like

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total mind melting ecstasy. She goes completely mad for it, its like she’s never come into contact with hair or mittens before. Truly a groundbreaking prop.
Oh and also James flys a jetpack. The mink glove though, man thats where it is at.


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