Nanu on Bond: Finlay on Goldeneye


Goldeneye was fantastic. A reaction to the ill-received gritty Dalton films Peirce Brosnan was brought in after a hiatus of 6 years and made Bond brash, flirtatious and very 90s.

The 90s Bond films were not the most well received in the series but Peirce was my Bond. The cast is stellar; including Judi Dench as M, Sean Bean as 006 and Robbie Coltrane as a Russian. There is some dubious computer hacking and the cars date the film a bit, but as a child of the 90s this film was my first introduction to the series and stays with me as the archetype Bond film. Also an honorary mention goes to Xenia Onatopp (who you can read about here), the Bond Girl of the film who sexed people to death.

This film also produced one of the greatest video games for the N64; the Goldeneye multiplayer ate up too many hours of my life and the excellent single player is still my favourite first person shooter.

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