Nanu Book Club: The Sirens of Titan

Welcome back to the Nanu Book Club – this month’s book was

The Book

Vonnegut’s novel is a piece of science fiction that questions


Katy “It’s like I wrote down a list of all the big ideas that I like to wax lyrical about after 2 pints in the pub: time travel, free will, religious symbolism for a start. Then someone stole my beer soaked napkin list, fleshed out all the ideas and crafted them into a story which is really smart and finely tuned. Only criticism is, the ideas it presents are much more interesting than the characters representing them.”

Ellie “I got to page 102 and gave up on Sirens of Titan. I already knew that sci-fi wasn’t my thing but tried and tried to get to grips with the book. I like Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas and enjoyed the discussion at Book Club about the ideas behind the novel but it was the langague and style of writing that didn’t appeal. I understand that science fiction is a good medium for discussing complex experiences, like Vonnegut’s own experiences of war, but the straightforward, matter of fact way that the novel was written put me off. ”


Next Month: we’ll be reading James Joyce’s The Dubliners

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