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CFAC – Day 17: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Nanu Advent Day 17

So, today is about the time that you really need to make sure you have your travel plans sorted. Everyone loves the time off work and going home for the holidays – but getting home can be a real nightmare! Today’s films help to contextualise your own woes – whether you are afraid of being stuck in traffic for a million miles, have a fear of flights, don’t trust walking through ice or have any one of a million completely viable fear for the trains, today I want to share a film with you which you can say out loud – well at least it won’t be this bad…



Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

John Hughes, 93 mins

If there was a comic actor who was taken from us too soon, it was John Candy. He is a staple figure in a lot of the films I remember watching when growing up, and this film is a great example of him at work. Steve Martin plays the everyman, stuck away from where he needs to be thanks to a situation which conspires against him. In a similar position is the overly caring John Candy, who through an excessive display of affection and other more annoying habits, frustrates and prevents Martin without realising. P,T&A is a film which makes you groan out load “oh no!” more than any other, but still is never uncomfortable to watch. If you have any qualms at all about getting home then this will relieve your worries.

But if you fancy something that won’t make you squeal with discomfort, why not try our alternative film

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)

Chris Columbus, 120 mins

Older and wiser, the sequel to the classic Culkin kids film splits the room – some think it refines the formulae,and other finds the premise stretched too far. I personally admire this film, and having seen it potentially more than the first, it still fills me with joy. Once again, on re-viewing, there is much

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to be found in this film that is bizarre, but a firm Christmas film that plays on the fears of getting home, is the perfect way to while a way your worries – althought at two hours, it could perhaps do with a little cut here and there – hence why it doesn’t get it’s own day to itself!

Politigiggle Christmas Podcast

Politigiggle Christmas

For you today a very special gift, a Christmas episode of the Politigiggle podcast featuring Nanu-Nanu contributor Richard Hanrahan and some fresh comics faces from Edinburgh blindly chatting away for a bit. Join them in the new year for a new series, and more deliberate attempts at making funnies, by going to and subscribing to the podcast!

Politigiggle Podcast – Christmas Special – December 2012 by Politigiggle on Mixcloud

Christmas Playlist Battle Vote

Nanu Nanu Christmas Playlist Battle

For the last two weeks a few of the

Nanu Contributors have been putting forward playlists of their favourite Christmas music. In classic Christmas tradition it is time to decide who wins. Listen to the playlists and C'è ancora molta strada per raggiungere un alto livello, ma il percorso intrapreso, con giochi in esclusiva e un sito facile e veloce, è quello giusto. vote below:

Finlay”s Playlist

Christian”s Playlist

Elyse”s Playlist

Ellie”s Playlist

Lily”s Playlist

Eve”s Playlist

Angus” Playlist


Vote below

CFAC – Day 16: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Nanu Advent Day 16

With the possibility of going home so close, these films today I have chosen to enjoy that feeling of family at Christmas time, while seeing that artificial thing destroyed completely and be replaced by what Christmas is really about – making do when all us falls apart, and finding something much more special underneath it all. That and laughing at someone else’s misfortune.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Jeremiah S. Chechik, 97 mins

Perhaps my favourite of all the Chevy Chase based “Vacation” movies, I can vouch that this is one funny movie. In fact, there are few films that I have seen this many times – and fewer still that still make me laugh, especially around Christmas. If you’ve not seen a vacation movie, they are essentially spoofs of those films which conspire against the main protagonist while at the same time their originator, but unlike contemporary examples like “Meet the Parents” National Lampoon’s films are unashamedly full of real jokes, not the ironic distance of seeing a character’s misfortune, but slapstick and crass and with no other intention than to make you laugh. In this particular iteration, Chase plays Clark Griswald, a dad who wants to have the perfect Christmas, and goes as far as he can to make this dream a reality, even when that dream teases him by having the reality mere inches away. A Christmas classic.


But if you fancy something else with a little more substance, why not try today’s Alternative Film


I Will Be Seeing You (1944)

William Dieterle, 85 mins 

I’ll admit I’ve not actually seen this yet, but I have been recommended this by people who know a lot more about these sorts of things – and it sounds great… Ginger Rogers plays a convict given a few days leave for Christmas to spend with her family, meets a shell-shocked soldier without a family for Christmas. Both hide their pasts from each other but end up spending festivities in each other’s company. It’s from a time when stories had to be of value to themselves, and it’s originality and difference speak of a far simpler age.

CFAC – Day 15: Love, Actually

Nanu Advent Day 15

Ten days ’til Christmas, and the vigour of an exhausting day buying gifts with a loved one will make you want to hate them, and rip the bullshit from Christmas for good. Be reminded by what it is to love someone else with a film that can be agreed upon without any argument, and let peace reign in your household, for a shared, simple Saturday night.


Love, Actually (2003)

Richard Curtis, 135 mins

This will become Curtis’ most remembered film, for whatever reasons you’d like to imagine, but yes, it happened. It features about 15 different story lines, all surrounding different problems and types of love around the Christmas holidays,. Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, and would perhaps make a better tale as a series of short films, individual stories, rather than the almost Tarentino like quilt of stars and simply paved scenarios. But seeing Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson will guarantee to make you smile, where other stories will move you in other ways. It’s harmless Christmas fun, and reunites a cast of British treasures that should be working together more often please. Not for you? No significant other? Try this on for size…


Santa’s Slay (2005)

David Steiman, 78 mins

This could be your last chance to get someone you like, on a couch, sat next to you and needing your assistance to see them through this nightmare world. Or this could be a Saturday night in after a shocking day of Christmas shopping where nothing would make you happier than saying Santa Claus chop up a few people for a few screams. Make it worth it – make it Santa’s Slay.


CFAC – Day 14: Nativity

Nanu Advent Day 14

Friday night again, and if you are a parent, you will probably be heading into some sort of Children”s Christmas themed event at some point in the next few days. You can”t be sent out unprepared, so rather than laughing out loud as your own child stacks it on stage, pissing themselves live on stage, not only for the embarrassment of their peers, but permanently on the cameras of dozens of parents who should know better – watch something to make you laugh and get the giggles out of your system, that or be reminded of what it has taken for countless generations to experience and love Christmas today.

Nativity (2010)

Debbie Isit, 95 mins

With Martin Freeman on all our screens for his role as The Hobbit, you would perhaps do well to be reminded of his brilliance in a role perhaps more suited to his core qualities – underplayed, British

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worriers in a semi improvised comedy about the Nativity – which feels to me a very British tradition (or at least the way I think about it). It also features Marc Wooton – one of my favourite comic actors who turns up in all sorts of things, and was the genius behind Shirely Ghostman – and is a very open, friendly comedy for your Friday night. By the way, there”s a sequel coming, if not already out now. It”s got David Tennant instead. It can”t be bad, can it?


A Christmas Tale (2008)

Arnold Desplechin, 150 mins

Set in the trench warfare of World War One, Un Conte De Noel, is a co-production of Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and features a stunningly well performed piece of Drama that is just heart breaking. It opens with children, each of their own national language, performing a poem about war. Distinguished by language, but united through their humanity, and just gets more and more poignant as the film unfolds. God it”s a heartbreaking tale – It may be long and hard going, but well worth the effort.

This will become a future Christmas Classic once it finds it”s audience, and when it does, remember to thank me for pointing it out, a mere 4 years after it was released. Don”t say I”m not on the ball.

Christmas Playlist Battle: Angus

Angus Playlist

Over the next two weeks the Nanu contributors will be releasing a series of five track playlists of Christmas music. After they have all been released there will be a chance to vote on your favourite as well as the Nanu Nanu online casinos Ultimate Christmas Playlist, released just in time  for your journey home. 

Track 1: Band Aid – Do They Know Its Christmas

Track 2: The Drifters – White Christmas (Voice)

Track 3:  Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas

Track 4: Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime

Track 5: Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

Christmas Jumper Day 2012

featured jumper

The 14th December 2012 is National Christmas Jumper Day organised by Save the Children UK. What better excuse to go out an purchase a real cracker for the Christmas period. Up and down the country, folks will be wrapping up warm and donating to Save the Children and if you’d like to do your bit too, grab some knitwear and click here to donate.

A good woolly is a knitted armoury against the cold and an absolute essential to any stylish and practical winter wardrobe. For Christmas jumpers, it’s got to be boyfriend style. Big knits are best so that one can inconspicuously hide the evidence of a bumper Christmas lunch, a box of Quality Street and twenty mince pies as well as feel really, really cosy. A Christmas jumper should also preferably be verging on the ridiculous in terms of decoration; think Mark Darcy at the turkey curry buffet pokies online in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

In celebration of National Christmas Jumper Day, here at Nanu Nanu we are featuring the best Christmas jumpers available to buy on the high street.

If these don’t do it for you, why not pimp the jumper you already have by adding a handmade Christmas character? There’s no other time of year you’ll get away with it and you’re guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Nanu How To: Buying for nerds, a gift guide Part 1

Knitted Star Wars - £8.64 each from Etsy Perhaps the cutest of all Star Wars toys. These handmade toys come in all sorts of variations and if there is a character you really want but isn't listed you can contact the artist to request one. Princess Leia as Boushh for me please.

Buying gifts for a nerd can be a difficult process. A friend who likes Star Wars or video games would really appreciate a gift that shows you know them and are interested in their interests. The problem is you aren’t. Well don’t fret because Nanu is here to help. Over two parts I will be exploring some of the more unique gift options out there for the pop culture obsessive in your life. Thanks to Georgina who helped me compile this list.

For the Star

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Wars Nerd

For the Animation Geek

Regular Show and Adventure Time are the biggest shows in the animation world right now. These rather brilliant shows are served by a huge array of merchandise. Unfortunately said merch isn’t widely available in the UK, the American imports on Amazon are overly expensive and not everyone lives near a Forbidden Planet.

For the Video Gamer

Next time Star Trek, Doctor Who and Comic Books. Oh and some weird alternatives, nerdy nipple tassels anyone?

CFAC – Day 13: Black Christmas

Nanu Advent Day 13

’twas december the 13th, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, ‘cept a dead reanimated mouse = yes that’s right, it’s scary Thursday here on the Nanu-Nanu Christmas Advent Calendar of film. Sure, Christmas is about loving films, care and beauty – but there are some god damn brilliant Christmas themed Horror films out there, if you are prepared to suffer from some vile shit too. But I’ve watched some of the guff so you don’t have to bother


Black Christmas (1974)

Bob Clark, 98 mins

Often considerd one of the classic Christmas horror films, Black Christmas is one of the original slasher films and as important to the genre for this alone. It’s builds on the sort of campfire horror stories that make urban legends that much more scary – the fact that they aren’t particularly supernatural,

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just gruesome and real. Unlike yesterday, I am putting my foot down and telling you to ignore the 2006 remake – it didn’t need to be made, because it anaesthetizes the film from it’s raw, and natural 70’s- ness to be something of offence to film, as opposed to an offence to the mind. Indulge yourself, and get you in the giggly mood or Friday… or if that doesn’t suit you, today’s alternative film is…


Rare Exports: a Christmas Tale (2010)

Jalmari Helander, 84 mins

This Finnish masterpiece is a modern, foreign horror that plays with the Christmas myth in all it’s nasty glory. Much like a previous alternative choice Sint, Rare Exports exploits everything you’ve ever loved about Santa and rips it from shred to shred. The basic premise is that Santa is unearthed in an archaeological dig on Christmas eve, and Children start to go missing… It’s well made, and has some really hellish imagery which is fantastic.

Neither of these? A little harder to find, but why not Try…

Santa Claws (1996)

John A. Russo, 83 mins

This is a cheap, cheap b-movie. It isn’t great, by any traditional critical standards, but who needs theme – boy is this brilliant, you know?

Here’s a teaser for you, in the form of a music video…