CFAC – Day 15: Love, Actually

Nanu Advent Day 15

Ten days ’til Christmas, and the vigour of an exhausting day buying gifts with a loved one will make you want to hate them, and rip the bullshit from Christmas for good. Be reminded by what it is to love someone else with a film that can be agreed upon without any argument, and let peace reign in your household, for a shared, simple Saturday night.


Love, Actually (2003)

Richard Curtis, 135 mins

This will become Curtis’ most remembered film, for whatever reasons you’d like to imagine, but yes, it happened. It features about 15 different story lines, all surrounding different problems and types of love around the Christmas holidays,. Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, and would perhaps make a better tale as a series of short films, individual stories, rather than the almost Tarentino like quilt of stars and simply paved scenarios. But seeing Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson will guarantee to make you smile, where other stories will move you in other ways. It’s harmless Christmas fun, and reunites a cast of British treasures that should be working together more often please. Not for you? No significant other? Try this on for size…


Santa’s Slay (2005)

David Steiman, 78 mins

This could be your last chance to get someone you like, on a couch, sat next to you and needing your assistance to see them through this nightmare world. Or this could be a Saturday night in after a shocking day of Christmas shopping where nothing would make you happier than saying Santa Claus chop up a few people for a few screams. Make it worth it – make it Santa’s Slay.


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