Nanu How To: Buying for nerds, a gift guide Part 1

Knitted Star Wars - £8.64 each from Etsy Perhaps the cutest of all Star Wars toys. These handmade toys come in all sorts of variations and if there is a character you really want but isn't listed you can contact the artist to request one. Princess Leia as Boushh for me please.

Buying gifts for a nerd can be a difficult process. A friend who likes Star Wars or video games would really appreciate a gift that shows you know them and are interested in their interests. The problem is you aren’t. Well don’t fret because Nanu is here to help. Over two parts I will be exploring some of the more unique gift options out there for the pop culture obsessive in your life. Thanks to Georgina who helped me compile this list.

For the Star

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Wars Nerd

For the Animation Geek

Regular Show and Adventure Time are the biggest shows in the animation world right now. These rather brilliant shows are served by a huge array of merchandise. Unfortunately said merch isn’t widely available in the UK, the American imports on Amazon are overly expensive and not everyone lives near a Forbidden Planet.

For the Video Gamer

Next time Star Trek, Doctor Who and Comic Books. Oh and some weird alternatives, nerdy nipple tassels anyone?

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