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Exhibité: Oliver Benton, The Third Man Cafe

Table In "The Third Man" cafe

Artist Of The Month, The Third Man Cafe (14 Queensferry Street)

It”s always funny trying to take a picture of someone who works in photography. Obviously, one is suddenly more aware of the photo they are about to take – and wary of the expertise with which they take it, or lack there of. But so often, and far more

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significantly, it becomes clear that the artist themselves aren”t fully prepared to become the subject of an image – despite the fact that they are incidentally have been the subject of their work so long. Oliver is no different, and shuffles a little uncomfortably when I take out my camera to take a few throwaway snaps for the article.

Exhibition of Ollie Benton

Exhibition of Oliver Benton”s Photography in the Third Man

Oliver and I have been working on some filming recently as part of my academic stuff I do, and so he approaches our very brief interview with an open-ness and honesty that might otherwise be dominated with a nervous insecurity – not because he is a nervous person, or insecure, but because unfamiliar with this kind of exposure, and not one to blow his own trumpet, it is only natural to be insecure. For our meeting however, with some reasonable prodding and a bowl of delicious butternut squash soup, he overcomes this because, dare I say it, we are friends.

But inevitably in such a situation, his work speaks with much more clarity than his mouth; one thing that strikes you is that he works with clarity. Hardly considered an exhibition, this meek installation on two walls of a smart café towards the west end of the city, is more a display of some of Oliver”s more easily accessible photography than a coherent demonstration of artistic sentiment or some provocative gesture that Oliver is equally able to create. Wonderfully composed, many of the photos show intimate experiences with friends and family, or else capture the simple beauty, and occasionally mistakes, from moments captured of his time in Edinburgh. In a similar display elsewhere, the perfectly geometric grid of images became reminiscent to some of the mechanics of social networks; walls and digital galleries, For over 40 years NUS Business has offered a rigorous relevant and rewarding business education to outstanding students around the world. collections of holiday snaps and perfectly filtered instagrammed lunches are the main stay of intimate, personal, on-line experiences – but Oliver is very quick to point out that this collection of work isn”t affiliated at all with that side of his interests, and never once had this been an intention of the style in which his work is displayed. If this were the case, he would appear to have a lot of friends who are animals, but this is unfortunately not the case.

However, as so often true with any body of work shown in volume, something is revealed that isn”t intentionally told. In this instance, it is Oliver”s sincere and individual style; he is one of those artists who sees the word as a visual aesthetic, and with every glance you can almost see him composing a shot. As such, this work demonstrates an artist maturing in how he presents the world, and is reminiscent of his recent foray into a weekly video diary, managing to capture something beautiful in the everyday but without ever being contrived, or artificial. Each shot, never linked through theme or narrative, are a collection that are coherent of Benton”s style and worldview.

This small exhibit runs throughout February and into March at the Third Man Cafe, just off the top of Lothian road, and as well as supporting local art, do a smashing bit of lunch. If there are exhibitions, whatever size, be sure to get in contact and Nanu will do our best to cover them for you. Finally, for those who are interested, here are my three pathetic attempts to capture Oliver as he sits beneath his public portfolio.

Artist: Ollie Benton Artist: Ollie Benton Artist: Ollie Benton



If you”d like to find out more about his work, or if you want to purchase a print from any of his works on display, grab a card from the display, and visit

Tonight on Nanu LIVE

Nanu Live

Tonight's Nanu LIVE is back to being exactly that, live. Tune in to at 7pm for our most packed episode yet.

Alex Howard, cast member of Twelfth Night 1912, will be joining the team in the studio to chat about Laura Witz's adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tale presented by Charlotte Productions. If you have any questions for Alex comment below. For more information on the play check out and to buy tickets head to

Discussion this week will turn to two photography exhibitions currently in Edinburgh. A Hero Of The True West is currently on

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display at Summerhall showcasing Jim Marshall's work with Johnny Cash, more information can be

61.html”>dog food recalls 2012

m-marshall/”>found here. The Edinburgh International Festival appointed Sally Jubb Festival Photographer 2012, an exhibition of her work can be found at The Hub on the Royal Mile. Information about the exhibition can be found here and Sally's website can be found here.

Elyse will also be covering the intimate Franz Ferdinand gig that she attended on Friday at Mono in Glasgow, to celebrate we will be playing some Franz Ferdinand B-Sides. Check out Elyse's review of the show here.

This weekend The Vagina Monologues visited Edinburgh and two of our contributors to this weeks show went to see it, it was the guys. We will also have our weekly Edinburgh culture and lifestyle recommendations.

7pm on


Angus Strikes Back (passive aggressively): Take this France or Edinburgh’s cultural highlights for a visitor


Edwin Starr once sang “War /Achooo/ Yeah/ What is it good for?” a valid question, his answer of “absolutely nothing” is completely wrong. I am at war ladies and gentlemen and it is both noble and in all likelihood good for lots of bloody stuff.

I must apologise for my French, which seamlessly brings me onto the key issue my passive aggressive war with a French stranger (which he is unaware of). Today as I pottered around campus, hackeying some sack, uking some lele, I overheard the following conversation from a French chap

“Yeah Glasgow has lots of great galleries and stuff”

So far so true France, Glasgow does have some great galleries and is indeed well endowed with stuff. Continue

“You could easily spend a week there doing culturally things and clubbing”

Also true, many people have spent a week in Glasgow in actual fact lots of people have spent their whole life there. Do go on monsieur

“It’s not as pretty as Edinburgh”

You flatter us, you charming French gent

“But Edinburgh only really needs a day; see the castle and the palace. Not much more to see culture wise”

Sorry what?

At this point my sweet pickup game of ultimate Frisbee was derailed. I was struck dumb, gob smacked and flabbergasted all at once. I roared with a rage so erotically charged I almost passed out. Who does he think he is? Who? One day? I’ll show him one day.

As I summoned my nerve to give him a piece of my mind I swiftly turned on my heal and wandered off. But if I had given him a piece of my mind, it would have sounded like this;

What I would be doing if I were in Edinburgh right now (or in the near future).


The National Museum of Scotland

Chambers Street

The recently reopened National Museum is treasured by all. You can’t go into the museum and not become giddy, there’s a plane on the wall. The exhibitions are now all state of the art and there is more of the Museums ludicrously large collection on show than ever before.

I love the museum upstairs are excellent far eastern and Egyptian exhibits, these are slightly calmer than the somewhat manic downstairs. I wouldn’t say this when I was selling it to the French fellow, but the museum is more kid friendly than ever and you may have some philistine parents launching there kid on every surface going. Sadly there has also been a dumbing down in some areas, but not all over and I only say that because I am nit-picking. Overall the museum is amazing; completely refurbished everything is exciting and state of the art, but more importantly the substance and size of the

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overwhelming collection will keep you there for days.

Van Gogh to Kandinsky | Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880-1910

Scottish National Gallery

Ends 14th October

An Exhibition I was thoroughly excited about but completely failed to go and see. If I was a French chap in Edinburgh I would be super jazzed to go to this highly acclaimed show. Frankly I have never been a big fan of Munch but on display were some Gauguin that I was rather keen on seeing.

Picasso & Modern British Art

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

4th August to 4th November

Somewhat of a coup for the gallery of modern art. Taking an extensive collection from a very various periods in Picasso’s career and tying them together with various British pieces. It is an interesting idea but more importantly the Gallery have secured some veritable masterpieces including the 1925 painting, “The Three Dancers”. A really interesting exhibition opened in August, which has been

The Scottish Colourist Series: SJ Peploe

Modern Art Two (Dean Gallery)

3rd November 2012- 23rd June 2013

The stranger made no reference to when he might be in Edinburgh so I would have recommended this show for the trips of the near future. I have been excited about this since last year’s Cadell exhibition in the same series. Peploe is arguably the most famous of the Scottish colourists and looking at his work there is scope for a really interesting exhibition. Fingers crossed the gallery manage to curate as comprehensive an exhibit as they have for each artist in this series so far. Personally I am a fan of the colourists I don’t know how popular they are with French men on my campus.

Now take that French stranger and get yourself to Edinburgh, because this is just the tip of the ice berg. I’m talking literally the tippy top of the ice berg, the bit you see and think hmm I wonder where the rest of that ice berg is.

War, what is it good for? Well in this case my victory I have won the war, I defeated a stranger in passive combat and wrote about him behind his back. I have proven him wrong and gained the upper hand with an evidence based argument I thought of after the fact. Now all I need to do is find him and give him this article.

[NB if you want to show a stranger whose boss, post some of your top Edinburgh cultural events and places in the comments]