Five Reasons to Watch Parks and Recreation


Today I have inhaled Parks and Recreation, a sitcom I not so wittily described as a breath of fresh air. Because they work in Parks, where fresh air abound! I’m an idiot but this shouldn’t stop you from watching and enjoying Parks and rec

Parks and Recreation is currently airing on BBC4, a terrific sitcom that all but passed me by when it was released. Luckily I set it to record last time I was home and so had a marathon ready for me when I returned from Uni for Easter. I wont bore you with a synopsis of the show, because it is based on the lives of bureaucrats in a tiny town and telling you this likely achieves the opposite of my goal (making you watch this show). There are dozens of reasons you should watch it, so guess what I did? I made a list of five of them.

Reasons you should watch Parks and Recreation (with clips)

Leslie Knope

Amy Poehler graduated from the same era of SNL as Tina Fey and Kirsten Whigg, Leslie Knope (and the show in general) represents both her first step beyond SNL. I would argue that Parks is also her best work to date (not including Baby Mama)

N.B. hey look its Louie C.K!

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson’s Office

I was also going to include “Ron Swanson’s Moustache” but I felt the point was implied with the other clips. the point being that he has a glorious moustache

Funny Women

Parks and Recreation is also useful as a font of endless clips settling the popular women aren’t  funny ‘debate’.


Rob Lowe as at least three of you know was in the West Wing and remains my favourite member of the Brat Pack. He (according to the internet/his twitter) enters the Second Season near the end and remains. So why wouldn’t you watch this show? If you’re a fan of the West Wing, his last big political role, why wouldn’t you want more of this?

If the possibility of more of that is not something that gets you watching this show chances are you are not me and that’s fine but you should still watch the show.

I know this is a lazy article, but give me a break I’m only just back and to be honest I’ve been pretty busy watching Parks and Recreation. Really I’m doing you a favour, because now you will probably watch this show 4 years late and your world will be a marginally better place

I really love this theme as well, I have a very “MC Hammer” dance for it which I will show you if you buy me a beer or ask super nicely

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