Finlay Niven

Finlay mainly brought Nanu-Nanu back to life because he has a passionate love of the arts and absolutely not because he wants to be a short fused, cigar smoking Editor in Chief.

Caesar’s Ghost!

Finlay will be writing about comics if the Superman reference passed you by.

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Elyse Jamieson

Elyse is currently trying to fit in studying for an English Language degree around her numerous student media commitments. Short and Scottish, she makes podcasts about music your dad likes and writes some articles too.

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Angus Niven

Born under a bad sun to the tune of MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit”. Angus is regularly found on his micro scooter popping tricks and picking up chicks. Well schooled in hard knocks and versed in mad rhymes he made a name for himself as a rabid supporter of the 3rd person.

A life of spitting rhymes, fighting crimes and watching television or whatever has prepared him for It is widely assumed he will write things about stuff.

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Christian Illingworth

A freewheeling sociopath. An optimistic misanthrope. A non-mormon non-moron. A phenomenal occurrence. A free thinker trapped in society’s brain jail. Begrudgingly competent. All things Christian has not be labelled as of yet but aspires to one day.

Christian will be writing about the Scottish music scene as part of In Session as well as contributing the odd piece of neo-journalism.

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Lily Higham

Lily was brought up by a pack of escaped circus wolves, but went to school so she is able to write.

Lily is half of ‘In Session’ and is exploring the beginnings of a music psychology blog.

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Ellie Robert

Ellie likes jumpers, gin and tonic and a pub quiz.

Ellie dislikes card games, early mornings and voicemail.

Ellie’s ideal fictional dinner party would consist of Finlay Niven, Ryan Gosling and Miss Piggy.

Ellie will be contributing to the Lifestyle and Language sections of and is plotting a way to make everybody love Disco.

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  Eve Livingston

Eve likes to keep things exciting by ensuring that none of her interests are ever likely to get her a job, talking nonsense on student radio while studying for a Sociology and Social Anthropology degree and taking an unhealthy interest in celebrity culture. At this point she would usually make a self-deprecating height joke but Elyse (above) has stolen her thunder. (Eve is well shorter though, FYI…)

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Sam Bradley

Enamoured of tea and cake, Sam spends much of his time wearing slippers. In addition to studying for his degree in English Language, he currently writes about the arts and local news for several publications.

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Richard ‘Hitch’ Hanarahan writes the weekly Pioneers column for Nanu as well as contributing to the site in various other ways.

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