CFAC – Day 23: Nightmare Before Christmas

Nanu Advent Day 23

We’re almost there everyone! By now I hope most of you will be near home, and the family is together. Tonight’s films are designed to be seen by everyone, to keep adults and children as entertained as the other, and to indulge in Christmas spirit where one can. And so to our first film… what’s this!?




The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


Tim Burton, 76 mins

The delightful stop motion animation is a favourite to me, as it should be to you. Jack Skellington, a gangly monster, enters an alternative world in which, unlike his own horrific reality, there exists Christmas and joy. A dastardly plan is conceived to change this injustice.  If you enjoyed Monster’s Inc., you really must see this – a connection before that I had not thought about. Danny Elfman’s catchy soundtrack  means that the film will linger in the mind far beyond the final credits.

Already seen this recently…? Then give this alternative family film a go



The Family Stone (2005)


Thomas Bezucha, 105 mins

I’ve heard it rumoured that this film is adored by some. The gentle premise is that a highly strung business woman spends her Christmas with her boyfriend’s family, who enjoy a much looser, more outgoing lifestyle – this is your usual,  fish out of water comedy with a Christmas twist, and a romantic thread throughout. Will they find love? Possibly, but more importantly, you won’t find anything untoward that the wee bairns can’t handle. Not for everyone.

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