CFAC – Day 22: Jingle All The Way

Nanu Advent Day 22

Yesterday’s bleak apocalypse out of the way (hopefully), we are downhill to Christmas, and this is the Saturday before Christmas – and chances are you will be out today to grab whatever presents you can while the shops remain open. Shopping Centre’s, roads and buses will be packed today as a thousand or so poorly prepared, hard working individuals take to the streets to grab a bargain – and even hope to catch that must have toy. In celebration my gift to you is…    

Jingle All The Way (1996)

  Brian Levant, 95 mins Is this the perfect film? God no. But Sinbad (yes, him) and Arnold Schwarzenegger play dads struggling to get the must have toy for their sons –

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the Turbo Man dolls – that elude Now, in terms of casting, never has a man so large played a role of someone so small – an office suit who appears to care more about his business (was it selling mattresses? or something else strange?) than his family. It’s a very light hearted and enjoyable breeze of a movie that will rest your mind as you rest your feet. The spectre of Phil Hartman – the comic actor that voiced Troy McCluire and others in The Simpson’s before his unfortunate demise in bizarre circumstances – hangs heavy in the film as a creepy next door neighbour hoping for a taste of some divorcee action. Oh, and Arnie punches a Reindeer. Pretty much unprovoked too. Quite, quite odd – but a delight nonetheless. You forget he since became the Governor of California. So, suppose you don’t fancy watching – and today has instead let you witness the horror that is Commercialism at Christmas. Then, may I point you towards today’s alternative film choice…    

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  George Romero 127 mins Set in an American mall, Dawn of the Dead is, in my mind, the definitive zombie film of all time. As most of these horrors tend to do, it reflects the horrors of the day, and the near dead hoardes perform thoughtlessly the moronic acts of a consumer driven economy. This satire on the culture of consumption is ladelled with humour, and seems to both create and defy convention. Now this film is technically on the wrong day – when I first

saw this it was Christmas Eve, and the hour was turning past midnight. Snuck in my room, I knew that this would be on – and this was my first experience of horror. But even so, this is a delightful watch for those that can stomach it, and the perfect introduction to . Fans of Shaun of the Dead too will do well to catch up with this historic film to add appreciation to Pegg and Wright’s tremendous spoof.

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