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CFAC Day 5: The Snowman

Nanu Advent Day 5

It's twenty days to go, and if I'm honest – it's time to get genuinely excited by the prospect of Christmas. Remembering traditions are all important at this time of the year, and it is worth preparing yourself now before Christmas gets on top of you. There is no other way to prepare then to let yourself become a child again and watch, what is for British audiences, a classic animation for this time of year.

The Snowman (1982)

Dianne Jackson and Jimmy T. Murakami 26 mins

The adaptation of Raymond Biggs wonderful story of The Snowman has been experienced by any number of school children and adults in the 30 years since it was first released. The shrill voice of Aled Jones – who know has reprieved a place in the heart of the UK once again as a radio DJ – is a wonderful addition to some beautiful animation that is now iconic with a classic family Christmas (although there is a thing about it not being his voice or something. Google it, I'm not getting into it now). And lo and behold, it's on YouTube in it's entirety. Few!

As it's only short, to make things extra special I thought I'd include a few other festive favourites from around the world.

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qe2hGUN3wGzVqPjZQ0HIc7eQ&sig2=aoVri7KN2gCPtWdyk5T1Zg”>How the Grinch Stole Christmas (from 1966 would you believe!) – the original animation and not the remake – is a film I've never personally experienced except through other culture and cinema, but is one that is universally

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adored by vast swathes of American society, and another adaptation of Dr Seuss that is beloved. Far less recognised, but no doubt inspiration for the superb festive episode of Community, a number of claymation online casino animations including Jack Frost (1979) make the perfect accompaniment for any Snowman animation binge.

But for those of you not in the mood for some shitty kids animation – and who would blame you, there is bloody 20 days til christmas! Can't it fuck off already? Check out this little

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beauty for today's alternative film

Sint (2010)

Dick Maas, 85 Mins

This dark Dutch film is a horror that will begin to feature more prominently in people's Christmas film canon. In it, the myth of Santa Claus takes on its implicit, dark story that makes many fear the very thing they are supposed to love – as religion returns to sour the fun of Christmas through the murderous bishop of St. Nicholas. Furthermore, it's set on December 5th, and so tonight is no better day to watch

This marks the first of several horror films that make it into the advent calendar – you'd better watch out for the rest…