CFAC – Day 6: Elf

Nanu Advent Day 6

Right. That's it. Pens down. Fuck all this rubbish. It's Thursday, and I'll be damned if I'm not bored of working and it not being Christmas. Christmas is still too far away to really excite me, but this week is just not ending. Worse still, the long nights and biting cold are really getting to me – why don't I remember how dark it gets! Time to watch one something to make me smile the widest I can, and remember why Christmas is so special. To do so, I am going to prescribe one of the funniest modern Christmas Classics – and one of Will Ferrel's funniest films to date.

Elf (2003)

John Favreau, 97 mins

This film could not have been better made for Will Ferrel if he had written it himself (which I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure he was part of it). For a while, on this side of the atlantic at least, it was found only by Anchorman devotees searching out for their fix of Ferrel, but it has since established itself as a family favourite – and it doesn't disappoint grown adults either. Not only do you have Will Ferrel doing what he does best, being ridiculously silly – and at christmas too – but you get a very early Zooey Deschanel keeping the kooky to a minimu

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m, but being desperately attractive without labouring the point. Not that she's the only reason to watch the film – but it adds a certain joy to proceedings. You perve. Stop looking at her and get ready – SANTA IS COMING

I don't want to say it out loud, but this film is coming up to being 10 years old. Cripes.

Against this, I want to highlight an alternative that show it's age.

Remember The Night (1940)

Mitchell Leison, 94 mins

Having never actually seen this myself, I am looking forward to checking out another film from an interesting time in film history. Clearly, mid second world war, concentrations weren't particularly focused on something full of spectacle, but instead focused on more subtle elements such as drama. This story sees a woman convicted of a crime on christmas eve – but with no courts

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for Christmas. I love these old films, and you should give them a chance too, and given how old it is, you should be able to pick up a copy very cheaply!


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