CFAC – Day 10: Funny Farm

Nanu Advent Day 10

Monday has returned and it isn’t even the last week before Christmas. This week is perhaps the grimmest of all the weeks – knowing full well that the glorious Yule time is mere days away, yet still not the reward for the next five days of penance is a real killer. To get you through this Monday – fucking Monday of a week that isn’t even the one that gets you there – you are going to want something to make you laugh, but which isn’t the real deal, yet. Give this a shot tonight for those Christmassless December Blues…

Funny Farm (1988)

George Roy Hill, 101 mins

First off the bat – this is a Chevy Chase feature film. Regardless of

your opinions of him following various spats and rumours circling his involvement with Community – a show in which he returned to his brilliance, albeit briefly – there are few funnier films than this which feature Chase. Sure, he’s known for much significant works – and there are even Christmas themed Chase films that are more worth your time than this – but this will entertain you, I guarantee. It’s about a guy who gives up his job to go and become a writer in the hills. It’s silly. It’s slapstick. It kinda has some Christmas in it, but nothing to make you long for the real deal.

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

Micheal Lembeck, 104 mins

This is the unnecessary but inevitable sequel to the original and often well loved original “The Santa Clause” which stars Tim Allen as a guy who struggles with the fantasy and joy of Christmas. Some of you might be saying to yourself – “well if after the first one *spoiler* he’s kind of okay with being the whole Santa thing *spoiler end* then how can they make an entire film

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that follows on from that?” You know what, fuck you. Who the fuck cares? How are you even buying the premise of the first you bizarre bastard? This isn’t Godfather 2 by any stretch of the imagination, and as a sequel it fits in perfectly with the soppy sentiment and humour. Just sit the hell down and relax, there’s a pale imitation of a Christmas film to get you through this dire day. Christmas isn’t about perfection – it’s about being thankful for what you’ve got. At least for people outside of America – those inside have a day to do that about a month in advance so I guess Christmas is then about Jesus or something? NOW GO AWAY.

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